If God is Sufficient, Why Do I Want More?

One night, years and years ago I was complaining to God about being lonely and being so tired of going to bed by myself and why after being “good” for so long.  Why wasn’t I being rewarded?  After I listened to myself whine to my Lord and Savior, I felt so GUILTY! How can I tell my God, my Creator… the Creator of my Universe that he’s not enough? Immediately I went to my knees and apologized. My heart was so broken and the guilt was horrible. I cried myself to sleep because I thought I had disappointed God.

That night (or should I say morning… about 1:00 a.m.) I was awoken by the Holy Spirit. God gave me a thought to hold to and to treasure. He’s so loving. #1 I was forgiven for my doubt and discouragement.  #2, He gave me a different twist on an old story…

In the beginning God created the Heavens and earth. He created the animals, the plants and he created Man. Can you imagine… there was Adam and he had God all to himself… I mean it was a PERFECT world and it was a PERFECT relationship… but Adam was still LONELY! Adam desired more and he was a perfect creation in God… so the BEST that I could do was accept the free, unconditional love that God gives me and understand that feeling lonely was OK and nothing to feel guilty over. Just a little food for thought…

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