Fireworks or a Slow-burning Bonfire?

How many times have you met a man and the sparks were just shooting back and forth? You felt you could hardly breath and he actually approaches you and your heart feels like it’s going to burst? It’s the fireworks! The endorphins are working overtime and you can see in his eyes that he feels the same way.  Isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for?  Or is it?  I have a hard question here…

When you think of fireworks, you think of beauty, explosions, earth-shaking vibrations.  But if you think about it, they’re over fairly quickly.  They kind of leave a dust in the wind, and then they’re just a memory.  So, here’s the question:  Would you rather have the fireworks that are over fairly quickly and leave your heart bruised and your self-esteem shattered or would you rather have a small little ember that looks kind of interesting and if you nurture it, it actually becomes a fire and if you nurture THAT, it becomes a bonfire that will last “until death do us part?”

2 thoughts on “Fireworks or a Slow-burning Bonfire?

  1. What you are describing is Passion…and True Passion is both: an immediate explosion and a simmering flame kept ready for another explosion! Read my posts for the month of February, I’m doing a series on Love, Romance, Intimacy & Relationships…hoping to share a little insight.


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