While You’re Waiting…

I remember being in so much angst and praying for God to send me a man to help… Help with lifting something, help with being lonely, help with financial problems… There were nights I went to bed so discouraged, so tired, that I just wanted to cry. Being single is a stage where we are toughened, but it is also a stage where we are strengthened.  Amen?

Out of all of my “single problems,” I think the only one He was truly concerned with was that I could get really lonely. Just as He saw Adam alone and said that it wasn’t good for him to be alone, this is true for us today.  So through some great God-incidents, He brought me to an AWESOME church family where I had fun, met friends and started serving others. Everything else just started falling into place.

So I URGE you… Don’t just sit around waiting for Mr. Right on his shining steed to swoop in and make your life better… If you’re sad or lonely or broke… give!  Give of your time, of your money.  Give your help, your shoulder, using your spiritual gifts, GIVE! If you’re having financial problems, God promises to take care of you. He WILL provide. That’s HIS promise, not mine!

My sweet, sweet sisters. Do not give up on God. Do not give up on waiting for His very best for you. Think of one small thing you can do for someone else today that will help them in some way and DO it! You may not come out wiser or wealthier, but you’ll come out a winner and you’ll be amazed that YOU may be the one smiling!

Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected (Luke 12:48).  You may not feel that you’ve been given much and maybe you haven’t, but you are here for a special purpose.  Find your spiritual gift and use it!

If you don’t know what your spiritual gift(s) is/are, this is an amazing spiritual gift website that I’ve used many times over the years.  It’ll take you about 45 minutes, but it’s so worth it!  I’d love your feedback, ladies!  Here’s the link:  http://www.kodachrome.org/spiritgift/

God bless and Happy Valentines Day.  You are loved with a love so great, that you were purchased with the price of a life.  Wow.  You must be pretty special!


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