I was talking with a single woman the other day, who is actually a doctor.   She’s also a Christian.  We started talking about the journey that God had allowed me to take while I was single and she looked at me and asked, “How’d you do that?  How did you manage to be happy, celibate, AND still end up with a wonderful man?  Did you just wait…  patiently?”

I had to think about that for a minute.  How do you give a short answer for almost 19 years of being single?  Finally, I told her that I made sure that I laughed.  She appeared a bit puzzled by my answer.  So I explained the following:

The first 7 years after my divorce, I was not a Christian and I was making very bad choices.  At the least, the choices were bad in God’s eyes.  In the world’s eyes, I was a normal divorced woman trying to find a guy!  So my choices mostly revolved around “chemistry” and longing for that “spark” when looking for Mr. Right.  Then I became a Christian and all of that changed…  (Gradually)

After I fully accepted that sex outside of marriage was against God’s will, I had to find something else to hang onto besides finding a man!  That was tough!  I was 39 years old and giving up my search for Mr. Right was a hard pill to swallow.  So was the thought of possibly living a celibate life for the rest of my days on earth.  But I did get it resolved deep into my way of thinking.  No more man-hunting!  So now what?

I made my new life designed to not only helping others, but finding something to do to LAUGH!  I joined a singles Bible Study.  Sure, there were some things I couldn’t afford to do, like scuba lessons and trips to great diving spots, but I COULD afford a movie now and then and dinner with friends.  I could afford to go to people’s homes and play games.  I could afford a retreat every now and then.  And I DID these things!  And guess what?  I made friends!  And guess what?  We laughed!  I took men off the shelf!  And God took ME off the shelf in order to work on me.  He’s STILL working on me, but I love Him so much for loving me enough to do that.

His rewards are great, my friends!  If we’re not rewarded here, we will be rewarded in Heaven.  I’d rather have the second one, anyway!  Right?  So find some reasons to smile.  Find an activity that makes you laugh, even if it’s playing Scrabble with your kids.  But LAUGH!  It truly is good for you!  Laugh while be obedient to God’s expectations of us.  You will be blessed in some way!

Now go out into that crazy world of the flesh, hold you head up, throw you shoulders back and know that you are loved by the Creator of the Universe and L-A-U-G-H!  You are loved!  God bless you!