In a Rut?

I truly, truly believe that one of the worst things that can happen to people in general, but single women, in particular, is letting fear stop us from doing things. We talk ourselves out of trying something, going somewhere, or making life-changing decisions because of fear. Did you know that the commandment, “Fear not…” is in the Bible 365 times?

I believe, to the bottom of my heart, that it’s in the moments that we’re feeling fear and we do it anyway that we start freeing ourselves to live the life God has in mind for us! And for those that were raised by a single Mom, doesn’t that fear also keep us trapped in the same life that we watched our Mom live? Part of that reason is we saw life lived a certain way AND our Moms, God bless them, may be putting their fears onto us with well-meant advice…

Ladies! Fear is a tool used by the enemy and it keeps us stuck in our ruts! If you are experiencing a life full of shackles, I challenge you to do something different today and tomorrow and the next day! As long as the result is breaking free of something; if it means a better life for you and yours; or even if it only brings a few minutes of fun; or maybe someone else is blessed… then DO it! Pray about the shackles that bind you and keep you rooted in your rut. Pray to our most powerful Father. God does not keep us in our shackles. It is Satan, through and through.

So here is another challenge. You did something for someone yesterday, right? (If not, do it today!) Today pray for freedom in Christ. Pray that the rut you are in releases you. Now that may mean it fills with water so that you can float out.  Hang on!  You’re not drowning! Let God be God. He loves you so much.  He’s your eternal floating device!

So why not start with a new schedule? Call your church or a local hospital or Women’s shelter and see if they need a volunteer.  If you’re  a single Mom, maybe there’s something you can do with your child’s school.  Maybe there’s another single Mom who just needs a break.   Pray about it and do what God leads you to do. And when you feel that familiar fear creeping in as you get out of your comfort zone, just say, “I love you, Lord.” The darkness can not stay in the presence of Light!

God bless you, my sisters!