Consequences of Unblessed Sex

I know we have Godly men that read this, but I’m speaking to the women in VERY general terms.  So please don’t take this personally!  OK, here goes…

Everyone knows that the following are possible (probable) consequences of sex outside of marriage:


  •  Unwanted baby(ies)
  •  STDs
  •  Broken heart

Those are rough enough, but I’d like for you to ponder on the following:

Once a woman has sex with someone outside of marriage, it’s instant intimacy.  There’s no need to hide your body, or put on makeup, or even (for some people), close the bathroom door!    Relationships seem to slide into a routine WAY too soon.  Things get into a rut that focuses on sex and only sex.  Pretty soon you’re staying at home and no longer going on dates.    Assuming you don’t move in together, you still find yourselves spending all your time at one home or the other.  The woman starts getting antsy and starts nagging or starts become introspective wondering if this man really loves her enough.  Maybe you get all dressed up for a Saturday night date, and you end up watching TV instead.  You start wondering if he’ll ever propose!


The guy, of course, is pretty content!  Why would he want to rock the boat?  But yet, at a deeper level, there’s even more going on.  God has not blessed this union, so even if the guy is not a Christian, there’s a level of respect he’s lost for her.  Little things like holding doors open, saying “thank you”, “please”, “after you” gradually come to a disappointing halt.

But ladies, I can tell you this…  If you hold out for the man who’s willing to live his life doing God’s will and LIVING his life inside of God’s will, those “little things” stay as a part of your marriage.  Yes, after a few years, things should start falling into a routine, but the common courtesies that were there BEFORE the marriage, STAY there because your husband didn’t use these courtesies to get you into bed.  He continues to use them because they are a part of who he really is.  Does that makes sense?  I hope so.  If I can get one person to pause and look at her life and where she wants it to be, then my passion and desire to help will not be for naught!

God bless each and every one of you.  Never forget that you are loved by the Creator of this earth and the Author of your life!


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    • Thank you so much! That’s why I wrote my book, “Godly Women Waiting for Godlly Men.” Would love it if you could pass that on! My prayer to God the night I was saved was that my pain not go to waste! God bless you and thank you for responding.


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