The Story Behind the Cover of My Book

I thought I’d share the story behind the picture of the cover of my book, “Godly Women Waiting for Godlly Men.”  It’s kind of sad, but thought I’d share.

A couple of years ago, a close friend of mine met a man.  She was in love!  Shortly after meeting him, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and it had spread.  She was devastated and determined to fight it.  She offered this guy a way out; let him know that he wasn’t expected to stick around.

Instead of leaving, he proposed.  It was a necessarily a quick engagement.  But get married, they did!  It was a beautiful ceremony.  The bride’s favorite color was purple and there were these beautiful purple stones/beads/dice that were scattered on all of the tables.  They shimmered and glimmered.  She had asked that I take her wedding pictures and I just had to capture these beautiful decorations.  She died shortly after the wedding and I still miss her so much.  When Westbow asked if I had a picture for the cover of the book, I really didn’t know what to use.  What picture did I have that fit with the title of the book?

I was almost at a loss and then I clicked on the wedding pictures.  Those purple stones were so pretty and reminded me so much of her bubbly personality.  I submitted the picture, expecting some push-back, but when they sent the draft copy, I teared up.  It was official.  Godly Women are royalty, right?  Purple is a royal color.  I thought it was perfect.  My hope and prayer for this book is that my mistakes, my pain, my decisions; both good and bad, can be used by God to help at least one person.  God bless each and every one of you!