What is TOO Intimate?

Webster’s definition of the word, “intimate,” is:


1.  Innermost; inward; internal; deep-seated; hearty.

2.  Near; close; direct; thorough; complete.

3.  Close in friendship or acquaintance; familiar; confidential; as, an intimate friend.

1.  An intimate friend or associate; a confidant

What defines being “too” intimate in a relationship?  Of course, sexual intimacy is the first thing that comes to mind.  God has reserved that for marriage.  The lines are actually pretty clear on that one.

What about telling too much about you?

I would say, that depends on where you are in the relationship.  Of course you want someone to know all about you.  But do it in phases.  In this day and age, that only makes sense.  With more and more relationships being formed through cyberspace, women are giving out WAY too much information too fast.  And if a man is telling you everything that went wrong in his last relationship and it’s only your second time to talk?  Red Flag.  There’s a very good chance that he’s too needy.  Take it slow.  There’s time.  There really is.

What about introducing him to your kids?

Again, it’s all about timing.  And this can lead to physical intimacy, too.  Think about it.  The kids are in bed, you’re alone, things can happen.  Please be on your knees with that decision.   Those of you who are Moms know the dangers.  Having been sexually abused by my step-father, I can’t stress this one enough.  Be careful.

What about…   prayer?

WHAAAA?????  I’m serious.  Praying with a man; going before our Holy Father in prayer; is there anything more intimate in the whole world than this?  So many Godly women are so blown away when a man prays with them.  “This is THE ONE!  He prayed with me!”  Do NOT be misled!  Please!  The act of praying together should come much later in the relationship.  Praying together too soon can form a false intimacy that could break your heart as much as sex outside of marriage.  Again, be careful!

I know sometimes it seems like I’m encouraging you “NOT” to do things but it’s only because we are being encouraged by the world to do what we should not!  What I do encourage you to do is pray, to love your family, to find joy in the small things, and to live your life!  This life is just a blip on the hands of time.  Don’t waste it with regrets over what you don’t have or who doesn’t love you.  When you arrive in front of Jesus Christ, how can any of us explain how we wasted the life that he died to save?  #GodlyWomen