It seems every woman is born with a longing heart.  When we’re babes, we long to be tall, like Mommy.  When we’re teenagers, we long for freedom, we long for a boyfriend, we long for the love our life!  We become young women and we long for a husband, then we long for a family.  As older women, even if we have a wonderful marriage, that longing is still there.  The family didn’t fill that empty spot.  The husband, good as he is, didn’t fill that empty spot.

And if you’re in an unhappy marriage, multiply the longing by 50%.  If you have kids, you can double it.  God made us women.  He gave us this “hole” in our heart…  to be filled with Him!

I’ll give the same scenario in different circumstances and let me know what you think:

Teenaged girl on a beach at sunset.

Oh the hormones are RAGING!  I want a boy to walk with me on the beach and hold my hand.  I’m so lonely.  Nobody understands me.  If I had a boyfriend, everything would be perfect.

Young married woman in a happy marriage on a beach at sunset:

This is nice!  The sunset is so pretty.  Why do I still feel so sad?  I have everything I want!  What’s missing?  Something’s missing.

Young married woman in an unhappy marriage on a beach at sunset:

I’m so unhappy!  Somewhere out there is a man who would treat me better.  If I were in a better marriage, I’d be so much happier and I wouldn’t feel so empty.

Mature Christian woman with or without a husband on a beach at sunset:

Look at the beauty of that sunset!  Thank you, Father, for such beauty!  How much you must love me, not only have you given me your son, you continually show Your love through the beauty of nature.  I am at peace.  I only long to see Your face, Father!

As women, we will always long…  but it’s WHO we are longing for that will determine our peace, our countenance, our sense of humor, and ultimately our joy.