Contact Lens / Camera

This isn’t my usual post, but I saw this on the news and immediately thought of the godly women following my page.  Most of you know or are in the process of figuring out that God doesn’t want us having sex outside of marriage.

But there are some who want to push the limits; who don’t want to accept this.  I bring you one more reason that sex outside of marriage is a bad idea.

This is going to happen.  Someone will be on a date, things will get heated up and you’re going to have sex.  We’ve been hearing for the past few years of voyeurs with cameras who catch unsuspecting women in compromising acts…  But imagine:  a camera inside a contact lens.  Every time the person blinks, it snaps a picture.  I won’t go into details of the horror that could happen to an unsuspecting sexual partner.  You can let your imaginations take in the impact of this.

I just wanted you to know that this is on the horizon.  God bless and BE CAREFUL!