Am I a Fuddy-Duddy?

Am I a Fuddy Duddy?  The definition of “Fuddy-duddy” in the Meriam-Webster’s dictionary is “ a person with old-fashioned or conservative ideas and attitudes.”


I recently sent my book off to have it reviewed by a “professional” reviewer.  First of all, please note that I’m not mad.  I’m very confused and a bit frustrated as there was not ONE criticism of my writing.  He/she gave good comments on the way my views were presented…  Their problem with my book, according to the reviewer, was the subject matter:  sexual intimacy outside of marriage.  Supposedly it was a Christian reviewer…  but they kept saying that it was only my opinion that sex outside of marriage was a sin.

Honestly, I never expected to run into this problem in the Christian publishing world.  It just shows that “the world” is growing stronger.  We MUST pray for our towns, our states, our country and the world’s culture.  As sisters in Christ, I know the readers of the page are (mostly) in agreement with me on this subject or are seeking answers through their heartbreaks.

I wrote this book against my will.  I didn’t want to go to the dark places that are facts in my past life.  I had left them behind.  But…  I LEARNED things through Christ.  My eyes were opened and I was able to see the world as it truly is; I was able to see my sin.  I know that I know that I know sex outside of marriage is wrong.  The reviewer said I was “uncompromising” in my “opinions.”  However, I state that the Bible forms my opinions and my desires.

My #1 desire is to be obedient to God.  My #2 desire is tell others what I’ve learned; to listen to heartaches, to dry tears, to be a shoulder when times are hard.

Am I a fuddy duddy?  I don’t think so.  I’m a Christian.

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