Receiving Your Singleness as a Gift

So many times; as single women, moms, teens; we look at our singleness as a jail sentence.  It’s something that has to be struggled through until Mr. Right rescues us.  Right?

But what if this is a season that God has set aside for you to live, to give, sow seeds into the lives of others?  Maybe you have children, parents, grandchildren, neighbors, grandparents that need you right now.  Is there a gift or a talent that God has gifted you with that He’s expecting you to use?

Once we start seeing our singleness as a chance to give, then instead of feeling lonely every time we’re alone, we start seeing our alone time as a God-given gift; a time to shut down and rest.  Will there still be loneliness?  Sure there will.  But we need to give thanks in all things, amen?

Am I making light of the desire to be married?  No, I’m not.  God gave me a message to give to someone today.  You are not in jail.  You have been set aside for a purpose.  He’s working on you.  Use this time wisely.

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