Christmas Alone… Again

Coming from a woman who spent many Christmases alone, including not being with my children; one estranged and the other was just wrapped up in her own life…  I know that this can be a trying time.  One year I even went and sat in a bar on Christmas Eve, just to get out of my doldrums.  It doesn’t work. #Godlywomen

So what does work?  Look around.  Do you see one thing you’ve accomplished because God was faithful.   There might even be one or two things.  For me, God enabled me to buy a small, very inexpensive house.  Much of the furniture was bought used, but over the years I was able to buy little things to fix it up…  little “cheap” things, but they were mine; bought with my blood, sweat and tears.

For a few  years I invited my Bible Study over and we’d get through Christmas Eve together and then I’d find another single girlfriend and go see a movie on Christmas Day.  If you’re not involved in a church, this is the perfect time to find one.  If there is a single’s Bible Study, get involved; if there’s not one, talk to the pastor!  Why wait on someone else?  YOU help get one started!  Take God out of the box, He’s not there anyway.  Ask Him what He wants you do.  You have?  He’s not answering?  Do something…  anything until He does tell you.  Do something for Him; i.e., volunteer!  Eventually He’s going to answer.  I promise!

Merry Christmas, my sisters!  Remember how much He loves you.  Know that you are all on my heart and mind this Christmas season.  May God bless you each abundantly.  Stay warm (or if you’re in Texas, chill out), drive safely, call a friend if you need to, and thank God for the small things.

Merry Christmas!