Upcoming Movies

I have many sayings that I like to pop off with every now and then.  One of them is, “Trash in, trash out.”  In other words, if you watch the dark movies, the profanity-laced movies, you’re going to regurgitate the trash you’ve taken in.  Remember the commercials that showed the woman that ate the honeybun and her derriere became a honeybun?  That’s the same with what we feed our minds.

If you WANT a godly man (only “l”) you MUST become a godly woman.  You must feed your soul; even in your pursuit of entertainment.  And I have good news!  You have at least two movies coming out to look forward to!

The first, coming out in October, is called “Let There Be Light”.

Official Trailer:


#2:  I can Only Imagine opening Spring of 2018


I just wanted to share these.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!