Was it a vision?

Many years ago I started reading the famous book series, Left Behind, by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins. I was a new Christian and devouring the books and chomping at the bit for the next book to come out. With that said, I just needed to preface my story below with this tidbit.

I used to work with a man who was being physically and mentally abused by his wife. He had so many questions concerning Christianity and instead of feeling comfortable in allowing the Holy Spirit to step forward and speak, I floundered. I wasn’t able to help him too much. I still pray that God sent someone to show him God’s path. I’m going to call him Glen.

So one night, I went to sleep. My favorite pastor once told my Bible Study class to ask for night dreams or visions before going to sleep. I was doing this faithfully. This particular night, I fell into a deep sleep, which was awesome because I suffered from insomnia.

All of the sudden, I heard it. THE TRUMPET! I blinked and I was standing in a field and for some reason, Glen was by my side. And in this field were thousands of people silently looking up. As my gaze went up to where they were fixated, I gasped in excitement! There it was! I saw the face of Jesus and heard a booming voice say, “Now.” His face covered the sky and as I stood there, dumbfounded and so excited, I found that I was being pulled up and up and up, really fast! I looked down and could see the earth. How was I breathing? My thoughts didn’t stay there long. I knew Glen was out there somewhere, which was comforting for his sake. I never saw him again in this “experience.”

As I was traveling so very fast, I also instinctively knew that evil was coming and that I had to turn from it. In my upward flight, I was able to turn and put my face in my hands. I felt a deep evil and heard unearthly sounds and I was terrified, but I also knew I would be OK.

And then… there was this absolutely thrilling excitement. I was going to see Jesus! YES! He was waiting for me! And then, inexplicably, I started falling backwards. I was bewildered and trying to fight the gravity that was pulling me back and back and back. I actually felt my body slam into my bed as I “landed.” I laid there in absolute dismay. What? Was I rejected? Was I going to have to face the Tribulation? No! I was absolutely convinced I had been at Heaven’s door.

It was probably 2 or 3 in the morning and very quiet. Was it too quiet? Was I the only one left? Was I the one left behind? No! I actually started crying and looking out of my bedroom window. There were no sounds of chaos. There were no screams. So I had to lay there until the sun came out to assure myself that the Groom had not yet come for his Bride.

But that vision/dream has always stayed with me. I’ll never forget the heart-beating moment I thought I was going to be in His presence. Never.

And God brought all of this back to my mind recently, because of the viruses, plagues and earthquakes . His message? We need to be looking for our heavenly groom. We need to be listening and watching for signs of His coming. And He IS coming!

Isaiah 54:5 – For thy Maker [is] thine husband; the LORD of hosts [is] his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.