Goodbye, Facebook

It is with a heavy heart, that I am saying goodbye to my Facebook page.   I’ve had this page for almost 9 years now, way before I wrote my book.  But while my stats tell me every day that my “likes” are increasing, every day, my “likes” go down from anywhere between 3-5 likes; which means that Facebook is actually kicking some of you off.

I invite you to following the link of this post, if Facebook actually allows it onto your wall, and subscribe to my blogs.  I’ll try to update it more often than I have been.

Feel free to comment or send me any messages.  Also, feel free to like my Honey Gilmer, author page, though I have no expectations for that page either.  😦

In the beginning of this page, there was so much interaction and comradery, but alas, very few of you are even seeing my posts now.  I hope Facebook comes around and stops censoring the Christian sites.

God bless you all.  I’ll be taking the page down officially sometime next week.

Honey Gilmer